What is MicroHood?

The latest innovation in residential kitchen hood


Take Control of Your Kitchen!

This simulation demonstrates how Aventi MicroHood can limit the spread of heat, odor, vapor and smoke in your kitchen and throughout your home.

What is MicroHood?
MicroHood is an “add-on” accessory that fits under most “over-the-range microwave ovens – new and existing.
  • It boosts the performance of the built-in fans and filters of the over-the-range microwave ovens up to 95%. 
  • It is a do-it-yourself kit that is easily assembled and mounted directly on the wall. No power & wiring, and no special tools are required. 
  • It is made of stainless steel and tempered glass, with a retractable front panel. 
  • The retractable panel makes it convenient to use and clean. 
  • It mounts directly on the wall not the microwave oven. Hence, there is no need to alter the microwave oven or kitchen cabinets installations.
What are the benefits of MicroHood?
MicroHood helps to capture more heat, odor, smoke and vapor during cooking. The benefits:
  • It improves the indoor air quality of your living spaces by capturing odors, vapor and heat at the source. 
  • It reduces the indoor air allergens caused by spread of stale cooking odor, vapor and subsequent use of household cleaning and air freshener chemicals. 
  • It reduces the need for household cleaning and sanitation of surfaces by reducing greasy film on the walls, cabinets and surfaces. 
  • It improves home energy efficiency. The less lingering odor and heat in home, the less need to open windows to purge stale air from home. That means less heating & air conditioning cost.  
  • It functions as a sanitary shield. It dramatically reduces the contamination of food from sneezing and coughing. 
  • It also functions as a safety shield. The hood glass panel shields the eyes and face from splashes of boiling water and oil out of the frying pans and cooking surfaces. 
  • It costs far less than conventional hoods.

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